Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas industries deal with unique legal matters from environmental concerns to Terminalling Agreements and Throughput Agreements at oil terminals. Like other businesses they are involved with corporate restructuring, Shareholder Agreements, contract negotiations, employment agreements, NDAs, preparation of agreements, insurance coverage issues, leases, trucking agreements and collections of unpaid accounts. With all these concerns, it is paramount to work with a law firm that is knowledgeable and experienced in oil company operation and litigation. At Kommer Bave and Ollman, LLP, we have successfully managed oil and gas industry cases for more than 20 years

Collection of Accounts Receivable

At Kommer, Bave & Ollman LLP, we offer a unique program for those small and medium sized oil companies that do not have “in house” counsel. We serve as general counsel for issues that arise in the everyday operation of an oil company from negotiating agreements to insurance coverage issues. We devise a litigation program to aggressively prosecute and collect open account balances that cannot be achieved through the Credit Department. These actions are handled from the initial referral to entry of judgment by competent and experienced attorneys and paralegals that specialize in the legal needs of oil and companies. We have found these programs to be very successful in decreasing a company’s receivables by working closely with the Credit Department and other members of Sales and Billing Departments. Our clients have included such well known companies as Stuyvesant Fuel Service Corp., Stuyvesant Energy LLC., County Oil Company, Inc., West Vernon Petroleum Corp., Burnside Oil Company, Public Oil Company, Shoreline Oil Company, AJS Standard Oil and others.

Defending and Prosecuting Oil Spill Cases

Our attorneys are experienced in oil spill litigation. We have prosecuted and defended actions involving spills of oil at residential and commercial properties. These spills often occur due to a defective tank or operator error. The driver may overfill the tank or attempt to deliver oil to a tank no longer in service. These spills are governed by the Navigation Law of the State of New York which places the burden of clean up on the oil company and its insurance carrier. Due to the impact of this unique law, it is particularly important to have experienced counsel that is attentive to detail and developing a case strategy. We work with consultants and experts in the field of Environmental Remediation that will ensure that your case is properly evaluated and a realistic strategy employed to advocate for our clients.